20 Fun & Meaningful Community Service Ideas for High School Students

Then you look at the cost and wonder how in the world you’ll be able to afford it. So you realize that you will need to find the best People to People fundraising ideas out there and choose one. The attributes that make successful cadets also make a great fundraising team.
Need a fundraiser that doesn’t require lots of time or effort? These are all terrific choices, and you can easily run more than one of these at once. I must say this was one of the easiest fundraisers we have done. We really liked the fact that all orders where sorted and in their own boxes. We will definitely be using Big Fundraising Ideas next year. Get organizations that donate to nonprofits fundraising tips, trends, and ideas in your inbox.
Local coffee shops may be able to provide gourmet coffee at a discounted rate. All your school needs to do is choose a nice spring or fall day, set up picnic tables or blankets, and provide food and drinks to your attendees. Your school will need to provide small prizes to your winners (and, at the end of the night, you should offer prizes to the students who didn’t win as well). Students and their families can pay a fee to eat unlimited pizza and play plenty of rounds of bingo. You’ll need some time to plan for this one, but hosting your own Olympic games will be an exciting way to raise money.
This idea won’t bring you thousands, but it’s a great one for a smaller fundraiser. Ideal for warmer days, this school fundraising idea helps build your school’s community. Picnic fundraisers generate needed funds while encouraging spending time outdoors. But don’t think that you have to push responsibility and budget pressures down the throats of middle school students. Finally, what you would like to keep in mind with these school fundraising events is to try to organize them so that they fall on busy times.
More and more schools are turning to fundraisers to reduce the cost of proms so every student who wants to attend can attend. It is not uncommon for schools to be dependent on individual classes to perform fundraisers. The cost to operate a daycare continues to increase and often is increasing faster than parents’ ability to pay more. That’s why more and more people are looking for good daycare fundraising ideas. Hosting a bingo night is a great way to bring school alumni together with students and their families, as well as other community members, for a fun fundraising event.
We find one of the best ways to sell the most products for your fundraiser is to have a contest with an award for your top seller. Again, this is why we suggest catalog fundraisers like our cookie dough, gourmet popcorn, or snack fundraisers. (Place your big problem here.) Because of this we are raising funds for ______________.
Textbooks are expensive, so a used book sale is the best way to provide to your community and reap the benefits. Those who can’t afford new books will be grateful to have a chance to pay less for their math textbooks. A sponsorship banner is a fantastic way to leverage community relationships with local businesses and organizations. Make sure your volunteers have plenty of gift-wrapping experience, as you’ll raise more money when people are happy with their beautifully wrapped gifts. Many stores will allow nonprofits to place a can by their cash register to collect coins and other change. This is great for collecting money passively and easily, although you’re not likely to raise a ton of money this way.
Many elementary school students are fascinated by the superheroes in Marvel movies and DC comic books. So why not host a special day where students can dress up as their favorite characters at school? You can ask parents to pay a fee for this event and use donations to cover the costs of a school project. When students and parents see that you value and incorporate their feedback, you strengthen those relationships and lay the groundwork for better future fundraiser ideas. With Facebook, your supporters can even create their own Facebook fundraisers to solicit donations for your school using their personal social media pages.
If you live in a location that gets some snow, organize a snowman-building competition in the schoolyard on a snowy day. The thing that makes Smencils so different is that each Smencil is soaked in a great scented liquid that makes it smell like some of your favorite items. Every time you sharpen the Smencil the scent is reinforced. Parents who are tired of waiting in the school’s lengthy student pick-up line soon will LOVE this item! Start massive bidding wars with the chance to skip the crowds for the rest of the year. Why hold off on the spookiness of Halloween when you can have Halloween in Spring?